Adoptable pets around San Jose, CA

Photo via Mini Cat Town Facebook

Bringing home a furry friend is always an exciting adventure full of love, snuggles, and a chewed up shoe or two. 

We’ve done some digging to highlight local animal shelters looking for some purrfect parents to bring a fur baby to their furever home.

 City of San José Animal Care Center

📍2750 Monterey Rd.
🐾Cats, kittens, dogs, puppies + small animals
🐶 Av | German Shepherd + Siberian Husky | 2-year-old male
🐰 Finnegan | Chocolate shorthaired | Age unknown
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This is April, a 2-year-old Pitbull terrier mix. | Photo via Silicon Valley Pet Project

Silicon Valley Pet Project

📍1750 Meridian Ave #6145
🐾Cats, kittens, dogs + puppies
🐶 April | Tan Pitbull terrier mix | 2-year-old female
🐶 Cashew | Brown + white Chihuahua mix | 2-year-old male
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Mini Cat Town

📍Space 1076, 2200 Eastridge Loop #2062
🐾Cats + kittens
🐱 Raider | Black domestic shorthair | 5-month-old male
🐱 Madden | Brown domestic shorthair | 5-month-old male
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The Dancing Cat

📍702 E Julian St.
🐾Cats + kittens
🐱 Frankie | Grey + white domestic shorthair | Adult female
🐱 Lenny | Black + white domestic shorthair | Adult male
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Madden (above) must be adopted with Raider, as they have created a bond. | Photo via Mini Cat Town

Humane Society Adoption Center

📍901 Ames Ave, Milpitas
🐾Cats, kittens, dogs, puppies + small animals
🐶 Marigold | Large cross breed mix | 3-year-old female
🐱 Kiara | Gray domestic shorthair | 3-year-old female
🐰 Kringle | Dark brown American mix | 6-month-old male
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Care Companion Animal Rescue Effort

📍1080 Saratoga Ave. # 3
🐾Dogs + puppies
🐶 Maggie | Brown shephard + cattle dog mix | 2-year-old female
🐶 Pepper | Black Chihuahua | 1-year-old female
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WOOF Animal Rescue 

🐾Dogs + puppies
🐶 Dreifuss | Anatolian Shepherd + Border collie mix | 5-year-old male
🐶 Jamie | Tan chihuahua | 1-year-old female
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This is 4-month-old Perseus, a German-Shepherd mix. | Photo via Furry Friends Rescue

Furry Friends Rescue

📍P.O. Box 7270, Fremont, CA
🐾Cats, kittens, dogs + puppies
🐱 Chip | Grey and white domestic medium hair | 11-month-old female
🐶 Perseus | Black + tan German Shepherd mix | 4-month-old male
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See a pawsome pet you want to welcome home? Reach out to the organizations directly to inquire about adoption requirements and procedures. Not ready to take the leap? Ask about joining their foster network or donate to your favorite organization.