Answered: What would you name the VTA tunnel boring machine?

From proper punny names to the downright bizarre, VTA’s tunnel boring machine is connecting more than just BART to Santa Clara.

A rendering of BART's phase 2 in downtown San Jose, featuring tunnels beneath the Lacey Bryant mural on San Carlos Street.

VTA’s rendering of Phase 2 of the project to connect downtown San Jose to Santa Clara.

Photo courtesy VTA

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BART’s expansion into San Jose requires pretty heavy machinery. As is tradition when it comes to machines of this nature, VTA wants you to come up with a name.

While the naming contest doesn’t begin until 2024, we asked you: what would you name the tunnel boring machine? Here’s what you said:

🥁 Proper puntification

  • San Hole-sé (@bro_gus + @connor.wolf)
  • BARTbasaur (@adayinthelifeofunohoo)
  • Bore-ange Sauce (@jodyamable)
  • La Vicbore-ia (@matxalonso)
  • Mt. Umunhole (@twophonebabydeej)

🚈 Name McNamingface

  • Boring McBoringFace (@jrbinsv)
  • Barty McBartFace (@fancy.francie)
  • Tunnel McTunnelFace (@eddiethegoat2)
  • Diggy McDiggerson (@brownbat)

🦈 Sports-themed

  • Sharktransportes (@pinkthebarber)
  • Shark City Tunnel (@4o8_zachh)
  • San Jose Land Shark (@emikomasukawa)
  • The Zamboni (@joaquin_in_power)
  • The Earth Quaker (@aahn.7)

Other Unique ideas

  • The Way to San Jose (@shariskatesthriftsanddiys)
  • Holy Bartoroni (@jazzzzzzzae)
  • San Jose Molés (@vote4phildolan + @angeljesus1mtz)
  • Ohlone Tunnel (@whoisollie16)
  • Ya Digging Machine (@expressrailfanner)
  • The BARTonator (@adriantherealest1)

Do you have an idea for the machine’s moniker? Let us know.