Santa Clara Library’s “Dial-a-Story” program brings the library to your child

What started as a pandemic-era program to help children stay connected to reading has continued to thrive for South Bay children.

The childrens section of Santa Clara Library, featuring a frog prince, children's books, and a giant plush Clifford The Big Red Dog.

Santa Clara Public Library’s vast collection of children and young-adult books.

Photo by SJtoday staff

You don’t have to go far to have a story read to your child. In fact, you could have a local librarian read one to them right now.

Santa Clara City library record automated readings of various children’s stories, as a part of their “Dial-A-Story” program — all you need to do is dial 408-615-2909 (it is currently offered in English and Spanish).

The stories librarians choose for each reading are varied — some are based on nearby holidays + seasons, while others can be a book the particular librarian really enjoys, or something they believe will have community impact.

The program originally started during the pandemic as a way to virtually encourage the love of reading.

According to Santa Clara librarian Jackie Parnell, the library will continue to offer the program so long as families still dial in.

(Psst... San Jose libraries also offer virtual storytimes via YouTube.)