Answered: Your thoughts on San Jose’s speeding cameras

From those in favor to those opposed, here’s what you had to say about the new speeding camera pilot program in San Jose.

Two red cars driving down the street in the background, with a "Speed Limit: 25" sign in the foreground.

The speeding cameras will not be installed on highways or interstates.

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Time to slow your roll, San Jose. Legislation signed by Governor Gavin Newsom will install speeding cameras on certain Bay Area roads this year.

While the city has yet to install any cameras on streets, we asked for your thoughts on the program. Here’s what you said:

Some hope

  • “It makes the community safer and is more motivating to walk, especially around schools.” — Desiree T.
  • “Good. Capitol is getting ridiculous, so many accidents and even deaths from everyone running red lights.” — @lunaleah
  • “It’s great! People need to slow down. What’s the hurry?” — Kristine E.
  • “I live off Almaden Expressway and we need this. Everyone drives so recklessly and has no regard for anyone’s life including their own.” — @floresitademayo
Three white speeding cameras on a pole, pointed in three different directions, set against a blue sky.

While some San Joseans were skeptical, others believe the pilot program is necessary.

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Some hesitation

  • “It’s bittersweet. If it leads to license suspensions for repeat offenders, then great. Otherwise, it’s just a revenue source off the backs of working people.” — D. D.
  • “I get tickets from FasTrak every other month because stupid cameras can’t read license plates correctly. So I have to waste my time correcting their mistakes, I could just imagine these dumb things.” — @soupra.mkv
  • “Helpful, but too little, too late. Probably better than begging drivers to slow down.” — Shelly G.
  • “Why doesn’t San Jose do something about these god awful bumpy roads that are so dark all the time? Oh yeah, because it’s not profitable for them.” — @lekhadeja

Some doubts

  • “Too expensive in San Jose as it is. Speeding tickets are just going to be even worse.” — Tammy R.
  • “You may think they are doing it for safety when that’s the furthest from the truth, they are doing it for their profits.” —
  • “It’s not going to improve anything but for the city to have more money to spend on unnecessary things.” — @netteguez
  • “What a waste of time and money. It’s very easy to fight. And it just overflows the courts.” — @jkventers

Will these cameras help resolve traffic problems on certain dangerous streets? Let us know what you think.