Cost-saving home upgrades in San Jose, CA

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You can save some green on home upgrades by going green. | Photo by SJtoday staff

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Homeownership is pricey in San Jose, and that’s not even including day-to-day repairs, maintenance + upgrades. But, thanks to these local rebates, incentives, and grants — you might be able to save some green, often by going green. 💸

Solar panels

Here comes the sun… | Photo via San Jose Clean Energy

☀️ Go solar

In sunny San Jose, solar panels are a great way to cut energy bills, but they can be a huge investment. To offset that, homeowners with a solar system can utilize a 22% tax credit in 2023.

Need help paying for installation? Low-income residents who are CARE or FERA customers can get GRID’s rooftop solar system at no-cost. There is also a funding waitlist for multi-family, affordable housing properties.

Electrify your home

Make the switch from fossil-fuel energy systems to greener electric systems. BayREN offers a variety of grants to upgrade your heat pumps, water heaters, furnaces, and cooking range. BayREN can also help ensure your insulation is up-to-snuff.


Lawns are so yesterday. | Photo via Our City Forest

💧 Landscaping to last

Lawns? More like yawns. Upgrade to the water-efficient yards of the future thanks to Valley Water’s landscape rebates — which include lawn conversions, irrigation upgrades, and rainwater capture systems. Rebates are capped at $3,000 for single family homes, and $100,000 for multi-family sites of five or more units.

If you are low-income, a US veteran, a person with a disability, or an adult over the age of 60 — you may also qualify for a subsidized turf conversion with Our City Forest’s Lawn Busters Program.

🛠️ Major repairs

Damaged roofs, no hot water, collapsed fencing — these types of critical maintenance issues can be daunting — and expensive. If you’re lower-income, Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley, Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley, and California’s Section 504 Home Repair program all offer large grants + loans to fix these types of repairs.

Pro tips: Mobile homes are eligible for Habitat for Humanity’s grants + homeowners over 62 are specifically eligible for a Section 504 grant.

Accessibility upgrades

For veterans who need their home adapted for assistive technologies — the SAHAT Grant Program offers up to $200,000.

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