Reporting for jury duty in San Jose, CA

Here’s what to expect from this civic responsibility.

A neo-classical court house.

The Santa Clara County Superior Court in Downtown San Jose.

Photo by SJtoday staff

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It’s happened — you got the little postcard saying that you’re up for jury duty. Whether it’s your first time serving, or it’s been a few years — it’s common to have questions.

So, we’re breaking down what to expect when you report for jury duty in Santa Clara County.

A postcard with instructions about jury duty.

City Editor Nicole’s postcard requesting her service for jury duty.

Photo by SJtoday staff

⚖️ Getting the call

You’re in luck — everything’s online now. Log in to Santa Clara County’s online portal using the badge number printed on your summons postcard.

You can request a postponement or disqualification at this time — but only the judge may formally excuse you from jury duty.

⚖️ Reporting for duty

As your summons date approaches, you’ll need to take it day-by-day. On Sunday night, log into the portal to see if you have to report to the court house on Monday. If not, you’ll check each day after 5 p.m.

If you are not called to report within that week, then your duty is completeyou shouldn’t be summoned for another year.

If you are called in, note the specific court address + parking instructions. You could be assigned to:

  • Downtown Superior Courthouse, 191 North First St.
  • Hall of Justice Courthouse, 190 West Hedding St.
  • South County Courthouse, 301 Diana Ave., Morgan Hill
  • Palo Alto Courthouse, 270 Grant Ave., Palo Alto

When checking in with your summons card, you’ll receive a “proof of attendance” form to give to your employer.

⚖️ To serve or not to serve

In the courtroom, you’ll hear basic information about the case, then the bailiff will hand out “hardship forms” for those who are seeking excusal. In most cases, the judge will defer the juror to a later date.

If you are not seeking excusal, you’ll have to answer a series of questions so the defense + prosecution can determine whether you’re a good fit for the case.

Let us know if there are other civic topicslike registering a marriage or getting a business license — that you’d like us to break down next.

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