Local Government 101: Meet the City Council

Become familiar with San Jose, CA’s local government with our first installment of SJ GOV 101: Meet your council members.

A screenshot of San Jose's interactive map showing the district boundaries.

Get to know the council member who represents your district.

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Class is in session, San Jose. We’re teaching SJ GOV 101, where we break down different aspects of our local government so we can become engaged citizens that create healthier (and more effective) communities.

As our city officials settle into their roles following November’s lively election season — we think it’s important for San Joseans to know who they’re working with. Let’s get to know who makes up our city council.

(Psst, if you’re not completely sure which councilmember represents your district, check out this interactive map.)


Matt Mahan | Mayor Mahan is San Jose’s 66th mayor, and will be serving a limited two-year term. Learn more about his goals.

Vice Mayor + District 1 Councilmember

Rosemary Kamei | Recently elected to City Council for the first time, Kamei spent 17 years as Director of the Santa Clara Valley Water District and served as the Chief Development and Innovation Officer at the Silicon Valley Education Foundation.

A graphic showing headshots of Sergio Jimenez, Omar Torres, and David Cohen.

Your council members for Districts 2-4.

Photos via City of San Jose, graphic by SJtoday

Council District

Sergio Jimenez, District 2 | This East San Jose-raised resident has represented District 2 since 2016. Jimenez founded the Oak Grove Neighborhood Association, was involved in the Parks & Rec Commission for six years, and served on the board of nonprofit SOMOS Mayfair.

Omar Torres, District 3 | Replacing longtime Councilmember Raul Peralez, is newcomer and San Jose native Omar Torres. He was formerly the trustee of the San Jose-Evergreen Community College District + business resiliency manager of the SJ Downtown Association.

David Cohen, District 4 | Representing North San Jose since 2020, Cohen served as a member of the Berryessa School Board for 14 years, and a member of the San Jose Library Commission for six years.

A graphic showing headshots of Peter Ortiz, Dev Davis, and Bien Doan.

Your council members for Districts 5-7.

Photo via City of San Jose, graphic by SJtoday

Peter Ortiz, District 5 | This newly-elected councilmember is a lifelong East San Jose resident, and formerly was the youngest elected official to serve on the Mt. Pleasant School District Board. Before being elected, he served as the president of the Santa Clara County Board of Education.

Devora “Dev” Davis, District 6 | Davis has represented District 6 since 2017, and currently serves on multiple public transit committees including VTA and the Caltrans Joint Powers Board. When she ran for mayor last year, she focused on promoting cost-effective solutions for city issues.

Bien Doan, District 7 | For the past 27 years, Doan worked his way up in the San Jose Fire Department, becoming the first Vietnamese Fire Captain in the city’s history. He also is the co-founder of Vietnamese American City Employees + a member of the Asian American Women’s Alliance.

A graphic showing headshots of Domingo Candelas and Pam Foley, and a headshot placeholder for Arjun Batra.

Your council members for Districts 8-10.

Photos via City of San Jose, graphic by SJtoday

Domingo Candelas, District 8 | Last month, Candelas was elected to fill the seat that former Councilmember Sylvia Arenas left vacant. He previously worked for Valley Water, and worked on bills that focus on funding for public transit, road repairs, and affordable housing.

Pam Foley, District 9 | This former San Jose Board of Education Trustee was elected to city council in 2018. Foley is dedicated to youth issues, as she’s been a mentor to high school students, a chairman to Women and Their Children’s Housing, and a volunteer for the YMCA.

Arjun Batra, District 10 | Recently filling the seat left vacant by Mayor Mahan, Batra comes in as the first Indian American to sit on the council since Ash Kalra. His priorities coming into office are to prioritize clean energy, staff up the police department, and focus on affordable housing.