Mental health resources in San Jose, CA

No matter who you are or where you're located, there are local mental health resources for everyone. | Photo via Pexels

From navigating through the effects of COVID-19, to making the trek back into the office — we’d say a mental health check is due

So we’re providing you with some local resources + self care tips

Checking in your mental health is important. | Gif via GIPHY

🏥 Resources 

  • NAMI Santa Clara — its newsletter puts together monthly resources, personal stories, and events
  • Santa Clara County Psychological Association — their directory sorts therapists based on your location, insurance, and cultural needs. 
  • The Bill Wilson Center — the center’s youth + family services include housing programs, foster care services, LGBTQ outreach, and parent-child therapy
  • Momentum for Health — the organization offers free mental health first aid training for adults assisting young people. 

💪 Self care 

Self care is much more than bubble baths and face masks. It’s also maintaining healthy habits. Here are our local recommendations:  

  • Food + nutrition choices — Check out meal prep company, Prepboys, for fresh, locally-sourced choices to get your omega 3 fatty acids + B group vitamins that help boost brain health.
  • Exercise — San Jose-based personal trainer Joe Dirt creates fitness plans that are beginner-friendly + help with building athletic confidence. His remote programs help if you’re unable to leave the house frequently. 
  • Sleep — Local CBD wellness store Seiva provides products to help nurture a good night’s rest, and if you’d like professional sleep advice specific to your patterns, SleepMS in the Rose Garden district offers clinic + at-home programs

Along with all the above resources, Santa Clara County has a centralized hotline (855-278-4204) for those looking for behavioral health services for the first time.