After a year-long trial, the plan to make the area 100% walkable is making big strides.
Protect the night by taking some simple actions Saturday, April 15-Saturday, April 22
We’re breaking down the Irish sport of hurling including its rules and where you can catch a game.
Prepare for spring weather in San Jose, CA with these seasonal temperature and precipitation outlooks.
Let’s give it up to the organization that has preserved our natural resources, and kept Santa Clara Valley’s green spaces clean since 1993.
Let’s learn a little about the wild + native plants that grow in the “Valley of Heart’s Delight.”
Don’t miss any of this year’s meteor showers, supermoons, or solar eclipses.
How to prepare your garden and what to plant in the winter months.
Looking for local spots to take your holiday card photos? We’ve got you covered with 11 spots around the South Bay to snap the perfect seasonal shot.
Keep an eye out for these birds of prey while outdoors in Santa Clara Valley.
How many times will you pass “GO?”
The cool is rolling in — well, cool for California at least.
Join the world’s largest treasure hunt and see your city in a whole new way.
The capybara exhibit at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo in San Jose, CA is no longer empty.
A unique fine dining experience with local chef superstars comes to — PayPal Park?
From local eateries to historic homes, discover this beloved San Jose, CA neighborhood.
It’s spooky season — and we want to see the best Halloween-decorations on the block.
Also known as the ‘Fall Crawl,’ you’ll be seeing more creepy crawlers in Santa Clara Valley.
We share some can’t-miss activities happening at San Jose’s Viva CalleSJ event on Sun., Sept. 18.
Good news for San Jose.
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