Public transportation savings in San Jose, CA

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Let’s talk about ways to get around town without breaking the bank. | Photo by SJCtoday

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Gas prices might be up, but we’re down to get around in ways that save some moneyand the environment while we’re at it.

Why not go green in more ways than one for St. Patrick’s Day? Here are a few pricing hacks for some transportation alternatives in San Jose.

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San Jose’s gas prices have skyrocketed, but we have some transportation tips to save you some money. | Photo by SJCtoday staff

🛴 E-scooters are in (and they know it)

For shorter commutes throughout the city, e-scooters are a great way to get around. Here are some local options:

Bike Share

We’re talking about deals on wheels. | Photo by SJCtoday staff

🚲 Bike Share is the new carpool

If you’re looking to travel a bit further, bike share is an ideal option. Bay Wheels costs only $3 per 30-minute ride and $0.30 per minute after that. However, membership comes with a lot of perks — for $13 a month, you get 45-minute rides, a 33% discount, and no unlocking fees.

🚈 BART + Caltrain are your public transpo BFFs

Looking to really go the distance around the Bay Area? BART’s Orange + Green Line can get you anywhere in the Bay (though it may be a more roundabout route). Round-trip prices can cost as much as $17.30 — but you can get a 20% discount with Clipper START.

Caltrain day pass prices range depending on how many zones you travel, but you can enjoy a 20% discount on monthly passes through June 2023. Pssst, Clipper START can also get you up to 50% discounts on single-rides.

May these transit tips help you get around town until these gas prices go down.

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