Raptor migration season in Santa Clara Valley

Keep an eye out for these birds of prey while outdoors in Santa Clara Valley.

A golden eagle soars through the sky.

Look up, and you may catch some beautiful birds flying overhead.

Photo via Open Space Authority by David Mauk

Keep your eyes on the sky... 👀

November is migration season for raptors, so you may spot various birds of prey while out on your hiking adventures.

Here are some of the species that the Open Space Authority says to look out for:

🦅 Golden eagle
As lovers of grasslands + woodlands, these birds can be spotted at Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve.

🦅 Peregrine falcon
These California natives adapt well to urban environments (sound familiar?), and are the fastest animals on earthflying up to 240 mph.

🦅 Prairie falcon
Spotted on the grasslands of Máyyan ‘Ooyákma – Coyote Ridge, these birds can be identified by the brown markings on their backs + top of wings.

There are nine more species you can spot soaring through our regionsend us a picture of your sighting for a chance to be featured in a future newsletter.

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