San Jose reduces speed limits around the city

Signs signaling reduced speed limits have been implemented around San Jose, CA as of recent.

The intersection of Santa Clara Street and San Pedro Street.

Santa Clara Street is one of Downtown’s busiest roads.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

ICYMI, you need to slow your roll.

A new California state bill (AB 43) introduced this year gave local governments the ability to lower speed limits in business activity districts — and San Jose City Council voted in June to reduce them from 25 mph to 20 mph in these four areas:

  • Downtown — Santa Clara St., Almaden Ave., Post St.
  • Calle Willow — Willow St.
  • Evergreen Village Square
  • Japantown — Jackson St.

The City recently announced that updated signage had been installed in these areas.

This is the first step in implementing the new law — and by June 2024, local governments will be allowed to reduce limits by an additional 5 mph on other higher-speed streets.

The City also stated that it seeks to use this policy in its Vision Zero Priority Safety Corridors — which are major streets with a disproportionately high number of traffic fatalities + injuries.

So tell us, have you noticed this change? Are there other areas where you’d like to see this implemented?

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