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Your summer picnic guide to San Jose, CA

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Think of Popcorn as your corner store on wheels. | Photo via Pexels

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Memorial Day — the unofficial start of summer — is right around the corner. It’s a great time to take advantage of San Jose’s beautiful natural surroundings and start planning an outdoor picnic.

The best part? Planning a picnic is easier than ever thanks to Popcorn, San Jose’s brand-new, local delivery service. Popcorn brings you groceries and other essentials and, thanks to their pre-stocked warehouses, delivery is speedy + efficient.


Think of Popcorn as your corner store on wheels. | Photo provided by Popcorn

Build your menu

We’re big fans of a barbecue picnic with hot dogs + hamburgers, but Popcorn can efficiently deliver basically any menu you’re putting together. Ham and turkey sandwiches with chips? Check. Cheese board spread? Check. Paper plates? Also check.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to add plastic cups, napkins + playing cards to your shopping cart. (Yes, they can even deliver that deck of cards you forgot to pack.)

Choose a park

Here are just a few of the SJtoday team’s go-to parks that have first-come, first-serve picnic areas. Bonus: Popcorn offers a flat $1.95 delivery fee per order.

🌳 Municipal Rose Garden

Location: Naglee Ave. and Dana Ave.
Hours: 8 a.m. to an hour after sunset

🌳 Cataldi Park

Location: Cataldi Dr. and Morril Ave.
Hours: Sunrise to an hour after sunset

🌳 Flickinger Park

Location: Flickinger Ave. and Tourney Dr.
Hours: Sunrise to an hour after sunset


The Municipal Rose Garden is open until an hour after sunset every day. | Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Order ahead of time

Using Popcorn to skip the grocery store trip is a serious picnic hack, because when you don’t need to worry about prep, you can fast forward to the fun part: spending time with family + friends. Ordering is super easy — once you’ve added everything to your cart, just set your delivery site and check out. It’s that simple.

Bonus: Because Popcorn pays their drivers a competitive hourly wage (plus allows them to keep 100% of tips), you can feel good about using them not just for your summer picnicking, but for all your delivery needs.*


What are your picnic hacks?

Let us know your favorite spots here and must-have snacks so we can expand this picnic guide.

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