Tarantula mating season in San Jose, CA

Also known as the ‘Fall Crawl,’ you’ll be seeing more creepy crawlers in Santa Clara Valley.

A group of kids kneel down to look at a tarantula.

The eight-legged arachnid is actually more mellow than you may assume.

Creepy crawlers deserve love too. ❤️

According to the Open Space Authority, September-October is tarantula mating season in Santa Clara Valley — also known as the ‘Fall Crawl.’ 🕷️

There are 850+ known tarantula species, but the most common you’ll find in the area is the Aphonopelma eutylenum, or the California ebony tarantula.

A screengrab of Open Space Authority's reel showing different tarantulas around its parks.

Commencing: The Fall Crawl.

But don’t bug out too much, tarantulas are docile creatures + popular pets. They may bite if you don’t keep your distance, but their venom is non-toxic and comparable to a bee sting.

So, as you hike our city’s trails, keep an eye out and you may catch one of these (not-so-creepy) crawlers. 👀

Learn eight more fun tarantula facts on Open Space Authority’s website.

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