Your guide to voting in the 2024 primary election in Santa Clara County

See what’s on the ballot, when + how to vote, and important information for Election Day in the great 408.

Two Primary Election voter guides infront of San Jose City Hall.

Let’s get voting.

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The 2024 primary election in Santa Clara County is fast approaching, and on Tuesday, March 5, it will be time again to go to the polls. The President, San Jose Mayor, San Jose City Council, and more will be on the ballot — so here are a few things to know before you vote.

Important dates

Mark your calendar so you don’t miss a deadline.

Prepare for the polls

Firstly, double-check to make sure you’re registered through SCC’s Registrar of Voters. If you are not yet in the system, you can complete + mail in the registration form or register online.

As a California voter, you most likely won’t need to show ID when you head to the polls. If it’s your first time voting (and by mail), you do need to provide some type of California identification.

Cast your vote

Early voting has begun as of Monday, Feb. 5.

If you’re planning to vote early, you can drop your ballot off at nearby drop-off locations or the Registrar’s office (1555 Berger Dr., Bldg. 2). Check out the schedule + locations.

On Election Day, you must return your ballot by 8 p.m., or have it postmarked on or before Tuesday, March 5, and received no later than Tuesday, March 12.

Pro-tip: California provides the Where’s My Ballot? service to track the status of your vote-by-mail ballot. Sign-up to receive emails, texts, or voice call notifications about your ballots whereabouts.