Answered: San Jose things we’re thankful for

We asked you what you’re grateful for within San Jose, and you delivered.

A colorful, horizontal mural that says "San Jose!"

We love this iconic Downtown mural by The Draculas.

Photo via @jennonthego

Earlier this month, we asked you to tell us what things about San Jose you’re grateful forand as we near Thanksgiving — we’re sharing what you said.

Many of you appreciate what the city provides for us:

“I am grateful for our incredible libraries. They offer so much more than books. There are early childhood development mommy/me classes, ESL tutoring, citizenship test training, immigration and tax advice, homework help, and great story times.” — Amanda L.

Our airport is beautiful.” — @kathleena.hanes

“The Registrar of Voters’ Office On Election Day!” — @sccvote

“The parks.” — @patrickslenses

“Grateful for all the beautiful outdoor spaces around town!” — @garden.gazing

Four different iced teas in front of a "Drink Chromatic" sign.

Chromatic Coffee is a San Jose staple.

Photo by SJtoday staff

And rave about our local establishments:

“I’m grateful for the variety of dog friendly places, several which are woman-owned. One of my faves is S27 Alehouse.” — @c.sanchez_17

“I am grateful for San Jose Bike Party! And the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, San José Strong, and Good Karma Bikes. I also gotta be grateful for Chromatic Coffee, Andy’s Pet Shop, Camino Brewing Co., San Pedro Square, Ulistac Natural Area, Alum Rock Park, and all the other places I love hanging out in SJ with friends.” — @itrhymeswithpenny

The Last Round Tavern.” — @micsali


Two people pose with a luchador.

It’s all smiles at the 2022 Dia San José Festival.

There’s a lot of love for each other (and food):

“The diversity here means we’re always learning from one another.” — @crossingtheratterlin

“My beautiful Rose Garden neighbors and neighborhood!” — @dhelia_mcbrinn

“Amazing food and humble people.” — @almond_stofu

“My neighbors.” — @fourthandjulian

“Diversity, so many good foods to eat!” — @john7o

“Good people.” — @taodad5

And overall, your gratitude warms our hearts:

“A thriving city with so much opportunity!” — @california_coffeeshops_cafes

“It’s proximity to the ocean and San Francisco.” — @luv2_chat

“I’m grateful I can live here comfortably.” — @lamstew

Keep em’ comingwhat about San Jose are you thankful for?

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