Asked: What’s on your San Jose, CA bucket list?

Whether you’re a longtime resident or a new San Josean, we want to hear what some of your must-do recommendations in our city.

A picture of Downtown San Jose at night, with Hotel De Anza in the background.

Doesn’t our city look beautiful at night?

Here at SJtoday, we’ve shown you a bit about what makes our city truly special — and now its your turn.

Whether you’ve lived in San Jose for 10+ years or recently moved here, we want your help to make the ultimate San Jose bucket list.

We’re looking for your top SJ activities, places, and experiences you’d recommend to a visitor or a future resident. Here, we’ll go first:

  • City Editor Nicole recommends driving up to Sierra Rd. to admire the city lights. 🌃
  • City Editor Alyson says to catch a lowrider cruise down Santa Clara Street.

Basically, finish this question for us: Did you really visit San Jose if you didn’t… [insert can’t-miss opportunity here]?

Now you know what to do — send us your suggestions.

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