#Asked: When is Mini Gourmet reopening?

The lights are on and someone is home at this nostalgic spot, but opening details remain sparse.

The Mini Gourmet's bright red sign, sporting the restaurant's menu options: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

After years of inactivity, the long-defunct restaurant is seeing signs of new life.

Photo by SJtoday staff

The Mini Gourmet unceremoniously closed in 2019 due to a fire. And though rumors have been spun online, the little corner lot at South Bascom and Moorpark avenues has been boarded up and fenced in for the past few years.

But when will the space reopen?

Let’s lay out what we know.

  • Within the past week, a new sign is advertising a generous reopening deal: a free cinnamon bun + coffee with purchase.
  • In October, one eagle-eyed Redditor noticed people working diligently on the building’s interior.
  • In that same thread, one comment speculated the space will become the new location of also-defunct restaurant Pho Saigon Dynasty (which used to exist across the street).
  • No official statement has been made regarding its reopening.
  • City documents do not indicate any new developments.

We’ll update the story as soon as we know more, but let us know if you’ve got any leads.

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