Check your kid’s candy for San Jose scares

You never know what they’ll find.

Pictures of a parking violation, San Francisco with a "#1" on it, and screenshot of a "There's nothing to do in San Jose tbh" text photoshopped inside candy bars.

Gives us chills just thinking about these.

Photos via Pexels, Wikimedia Commons, and SJtoday staff

Be safe out there, parents, and make sure to do a candy check this Halloween. 🍫

For instance, we found several things us San Joseans can’t bear to see in these chocolate bars:

  • Parking citations
  • People saying SF is the #1 Bay Area city
  • The thought that there’s nothing to do in the great 408 (we know better)

Scary stuff. Okay, yeah, we know this is a returning meme, and maybe we spend wayyy too much time on the Internet, but still... safety first.

Have you found any San Jose-specific potential poisons in your treats this year? If so, drop us a line. No more tricks, we promise. 🎃

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