Asked: What local San Jose business would you like to see make a comeback?

What stores, restaurants, and venues would you like to see return to the great 408?

Century 22 dome in San Jose with the marquee reading, "Goodbye San Jose So Long."

We all have memories at the iconic Century dome theaters.

Photo via @nekappix

You know we’re big into nostalgia, and had asked you before what now-defunct play place you’d like to revive, and responses were through the roof. (It was Nickel City, followed by Raging Waters, by the way.)

But, we can’t forget about a bunch of locally loved mainstays that have come + gone. And, like any lost love, there are days where we find ourselves pining for their return.

Here’s our next question: What local businesses would you like to see make a comeback?

To get the conversation started, here are city editors Alyson + Gregg’s top choices:

  • Aki’s Bakery — Originally opened in 1963, this Japantown + Willow Glen staple closed after 40 years in business. We still yearn for the taste of that Hawaiian guava chiffon cake.
  • Mini Gourmet — One of the only 24-hour diners in the South Bay, this unpretentious little spot was a late-night fixture for college students.

Let us know which local establishments you miss.