Who should be on the Mount Rushmore of San Jose?

We asked AI bot Chat GPT who belongs on Mount Rushmore to see if it aligns with what our readers think.

Mount Rushmore, but in place of faces, it's carved out question marks.

And the winners are...

Graphic by 6AM City

ChatGPT from OpenAI is taking the internet by storm, and new users are getting creative in testing out the tool’s capabilities.

For fun, we wanted to ask who you think belongs on our city’s Mount Rushmore. Forget Washington, Jefferson, and Roosevelt — which locals can we replace them with?

We thought we’d try the bot ourselves to see if it aligns with what true San Joseans think.

“Chat GPT, who should be on the Mt. Rushmore of San Jose?”

Mt. Rushmore, but in place of faces, it's carved out question marks.

Let’s replace these faces with some rockin’ locals.

Graphic by 6AM City

Tom McEnery | The author, businessman, and teacher served as San Jose’s mayor from 1983 to 1991. He is credited with revitalizing the city’s downtown + co-founding San Jose Inside to encourage the community to become active in arts, culture, and politics within the great 408.

Norman Y. Mineta | As the former mayor of San Jose + US Secretary of Transportation, he was a prominent figure in introducing transit programs and policies both locally and nationally. He became the first Asian American mayor of a major US city + was a member for two Presidential Cabinets.

Cesar Chavez | The Latino civil rights and farm labor leader began his advocacy for workers’ rights in San Jose. Local monuments + parks are named after the social justice icon for his tireless work that had a major influence in our city.

Steve Wozniak | Credited with being a co-founder of Apple Inc., this tech wiz was a key figure in revolutionizing the personal computer era. By creating one of the most influential companies in history, his tech influence in the Silicon Valley is incomparable.

So tell us — what local leaders, philanthropists, and business owners do you think belong on our rendition of Mount Rushmore? Cast your vote. We’ll handle Photoshop.

Editor’s note: While ChatGPT did choose these four iconic figures, they didn’t write this article — that was all us, per usual.

Mount Rushmore, but with the faces of Norman Y Mineta, Steve Wozniak, Cesar Chavez, and Susan Hammer on it.

And the winners are...

Graphic by 6AM City

The results

After counting up all the votes from our readers + social media followers, we carved out our four San Jose figures: Norman Y. Mineta, Steve Wozniak, Cesar Chavez, and Susan Hammer.

You all had no doubt that labor rights leader Cesar Chavez deserved a spot on the mountain with 36% of votes. Norman Y. Mineta came in second at 16%, the “Woz” garnered 14% for third place, and Susan Hammer had 6%.

Here’s something to munch on: local competitive eater Joey Chestnut just missed the cut with one less vote than Susan Hammer.