Happy 2nd birthday to SJtoday

And to our readers + followers, two of the biggest high-fives (high ten?) for being there with us the entire way.

A graphic of a blue birthday cake and a No. 2 candle with the words "happy birthday SJtoday" on it. There's two heads, City Editors Alyson + Gregg, juxtaposed on sparklers on the cake.

Happy birthday to us, it’s been a fun ride so far.

Graphic by SJtoday staff

SJtoday has officially made two trips around the sun — you would never know it with today’s weather.

Since last year, we’ve published 200+ stories and gained more than 45,000 new followers on Instagram.

To celebrate the newsletter’s second birthday, your dynamic duo of city editors Alyson and Gregg gave their two cents on the following questions.

What are two San Jose restaurants so good that you’ve gone back twice — or even numerous times?

Alyson: The first spot that always comes to mind is Neza Birrieria taco truck on East Santa Clara Street. The quesabirrias + consomme are always meat-packed. I also rave about Punjab Cafe downtown, which I’ve been going to since attending SJSU — great flavors, great people, great establishment.

Gregg: I could eat pizza from The Garret Station literally every day of my life. There’s something about the sauce + cheese combo that makes for a fantastic pie. See also: Palermo Restaurant downtown. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything I didn’t like off that menu (and I’m really picky with Italian food).

You have a pair of tickets to watch your favorite band anywhere in the city. Who do you see and where?

Alyson: Since meeting them a few years ago, I’d love to see where the Peach Tree Rascalas’ fan base is at now. The SJ-originated band has headlined festivals and traveled all around — I’d definitely love to catch an intimate show at the Ritz or Tabard Theatre.

Gregg: I’ve been really digging Ghosting recently — and the best place to see them would have to be the Caravan. Eardrum bursting music in a tight space with a great vibe and great drinks.

Who are two people you think readers should tell about SJtoday?

Alyson: Your neighbor who is tired of hearing about the gloomy outlook of Silicon Valley, and just wants some good, upbeat news about San Jose. Also, your friends who are thinking about moving here, and are debating whether the location is worth the rent.

Gregg: That one friend who lives in San Francisco who keeps telling you nothing ever happens in San Jose. See also, literally anyone in the Midwest who has never had authentic Mexican food from one of our incredible food trucks.

Tell us two things about San Jose you couldn’t live without.

Alyson: I can’t see myself living in any other climate as perfect as San Jose’s. Sure, during the summer the lack of an air conditioner can be tough, but it’s nowhere near unlivable. Also, my alma mater’s presence in the city. I’ll always thank SJSU for everything it brought me — friends, my current partner, a real sense of confidence, and of course, a ton of fun memories.

Gregg: The community of friends I’ve found through Drag Brunch at SoFA Market. They’re the best, funniest, most caring people I’ve ever met, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I would also never be able to live without Sharkie, the best NHL mascot of all time.

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