Our readers’ local love stories

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Have you found love in San Jose? We want to know about it.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re creating a map of places where our readers have made memories around the area. We want to hear about every kind of relationship. Tell us about your meet cute stories, getting advice from a parent, learning to love yourself... we love love stories in all their forms. (But do keep it PG, please.)

Add a story to our map below by clicking the green “add point” button. You have until Friday, Feb. 9 to submit for a chance to be featured in our interactive map (and newsletter).

We’ll go first with a story of our own.

City Editor Gregg here — if you’ve been looking for love in all of the wrong places, you can always try dating apps. Gregg and his partner met this way, and even though one of them accidentally missed their first two dates (look, it was a busy time), they somehow still end up bonding over a shared love of video + board games and mutual weirdness. Seven years later and they’re plotting out their wedding.

City Editor Alyson here — My love story started in college, where I met my current partner, through my longtime college roommate, while studying for finals at MLK library. As an east San Jose native, my girlfriend showed me cool spots to picnic + get great views of the city. (Psst... Canyon Creek + Fowler are some of my favorites now.)

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