Dog parks around San Jose, California

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Annie enjoying a pit stop on the walk around Ed R. Levin County Park. | Photo by @anniepuppers

Dog parks are an important part of San Jose, providing a designated space for you + your furry friends to enjoy the outdoors. In WalletHub’s list of the most pet-friendly cities across the country, San Jose ranked No. 44, with major points going to our awesome outdoor spaces.

If you’re looking for a way to safely explore the outdoors with your pup, our roundup of seven local no-leash dog parks provides plenty of options with pet-friendly amenities like water taps, seasonal terrain, and double-fenced areas for all types of dogs.

🐾 Hellyer County Park | 985 Hellyer Ave.

This large area is loaded with all the necessities you and your pup need for an outdoor adventure in the city. It’s fenced-in with grass + dirt areas that offer drinking fountains, waste bags, and plenty of seating for the pet parents. Pro tip: While the dog park is free, there is a fee for parking on-site.

🐾 Saratoga Creek Dog Park | 5399 Graves Ave.

Open from dusk to dawn, this artificial turf space offers shaded areas, benches, and a water fountain. No separation for large and small dogs means that guests should pay close attention to how their pups interact with other visitors. Your dog can also wind down with you around the one-acre Saratoga Creek Park as long as they are leashed.

🐾 Butcher Dog Park | 1782 Lancaster Dr.

If you want to keep your dog off the grass, head to this fenced-in park with astroturf and mulch areas. You’ll also find separate sections for smaller dogs and larger dogs, both with benches + shady trees.

🐾 Reed Street Dog Park | 888 Reed St., Santa Clara

Enjoy this 1.74 acre park with synthetic canine turf from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. This space does offer separate large and small dog areas, lighting + access to water stations. And for the pet parents, there are restrooms + on-site electric vehicle charging stations so you can recharge while your furry friends unwind.

🐾 Miyuki Dog Park | Miyuki Drive

While this small, well-shaded dirt area has received a facelift with improved security fencing, it does not offer a water fountain so guests are encouraged to bring their own water. Though the space does have waste bags dispenser for pups, it does not have a restroom for humans.

🐾 Selma Olinder Dog Park | 848 William St.

Made to accommodate up to 30 dogs at once, this fenced-in, double-gated area has wood chip + decomposed granite instead of grass in both its large dog and small dog sections. While there are no restrooms on site, the city added 11 additional parking spaces specifically for dog park users near benches with shade.

🐾 Ed Levin Dog Park | 3100 Calaveras Blvd., Milpitas

Take a trip down the trails north of Calaveras Road with your leashed pup, then let them run free in the fenced-in, two-acre grassy dog park. This park also offers a large dog area and small dog area, and even though there’s toys for the canines, they’re sure to get a kick out of the gophers + squirrels that live in the field. Pro Tip: The daily vehicle entry fee is $6, or you can purchase a yearly pass for $95.

Check out this map created by the City of San Jose showcasing all off-leash parks around and near the city.

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