Answered: What local restaurants should internet food critic Keith Lee try?

TikTok and internet food critic Keith Lee announced that he’d be visiting the Bay Area, and we asked for your suggestions on what local eateries he should try. Here’s what you said.

A collage of different San Jose foods surrounding an iPhone showing Keith Lee eating.

Let’s see which local spots you suggested.

Graphic by SJtoday staff

It’s official, the famed internet food critic Keith Lee has landed in the Bay Area.

Earlier this week, Lee announced that the next stop on his foodie tour would be the Bay Area. Naturally, we wanted to draw a spotlight on the great 408 and all the amazing restaurants we have to offer.

So, we asked you which lesser-known, family-owned businesses you’d recommend he show some love to. With over 300 responses, here are the top contenders.

Top three

Fan favorites

Hopefully Lee makes a trip down to the South Bay — he won’t regret it.

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