Start your day with these 5 breakfast burritos

Check out these five restaurants in San Jose cooking up their own versions of the classic breakfast staple.

Someone holds a burrito that has been eaten, infront of a Cafe Rosalena sign.

Word on the street is that Cafe Rosalena’s orange sauce has got it goin’ on.

Photo via @ian87giroir

You wake up, stomach rumbling, but your clock-in time is closing in. If only you could have all of your breakfast favorites in one wrap. Oh wait, you can.

Start your morning right with these five breakfast burritos found in and around San Jose.

Cafe Rosalena, 1077 The Alameda
This spot has been serving their “world-famous breakfast burritos” since 1995. Enjoy six different styles packed with meat, eggs, potatoes, and cheese, or six varieties of vegetarian + vegan burritos. Don’t forget Rosalena’s housemade orange, red, and green tomatillo salsas. (Avg. price: $10.95)

Viva Michoacan Taqueria, 1711 McLaughlin Ave.
Talk about bang for your buck. This taqueria serves a hearty burrito stuffed with all the goods — eggs, chorizo, potatoes, beans, cheese + salsa. Fans also recommend the carna asada burrito. (Avg. price: $8)

Greenlee’s Bakery, 1081 The Alameda
We can’t forget to mention this hotspot in its 100th birth year. Well-known for its breakfast burritos, Greenlee’s burritos are stuffed with your choice of four meats, eggs, potatoes, and cheese. Plant-based diners can enjoy the no-meat, veggie, or vegan burritos. (Avg. price: $11.95)

Rose Cafe and Donuts, 994 Saratoga Ave.
The fan favorite is the steak burrito made with eggs, hash browns, cheese, and housemade salsa. For our non-meat eaters, try the veggie burrito — bell peppers, mushrooms, spinach, avocado + hashbrowns. (Avg. price: $8.59)

Kenny’s Cafe, 2315 De La Cruz Blvd., Santa Clara
This hole-in-the-wall serves four types of burritos: bacon and sausage, bacon, bulgogi steak, and bacon + steak. The homemade salsa puts a unique spin on the traditional, combining both Korean + Mexican flavors to create a sweet and spicy sauce. (Avg. price: $11)

Did we miss your favorite breakfast burrito spot? Let us know.

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