Four San Jose spots with larger-than-life dishes

Go big or go home with these gigantic foods found around San Jose.

A GIF showing Jonathan Sahoo looking at a gigantic birria taco.

Do you think he ate all of that?

GIF via @sjfoodies

Go big or go home... We’ve rounded up four spots where you can satisfy your “I could eat a horse” appetite.

K&J Sweets Bakery, 115 E. San Carlos St. | This new cafe features a gigantic concha — one that could be served as a birthday cake.

Ramen Champ, 6229 Santa Teresa Blvd. | True to the name, you better be a champion like Joey Chestnut to finish this. Try the “Buta Max Ramen,” which comes with 4.5 lbs of ramen noodles.

Con sabor a Mexico, two locations | Think you like birria tacos? Nosh on this — a humongous birria taco that is the size of a medium pizza folded in half.

Con Azucar Café, two locations | If you just can’t get enough of conchas, head to this cafe where they serve a concha that is definitely longer than one foot + larger than your head. Pair it with an extra large cafecito.

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