Matcha food spots around San Jose, CA

From delectable cakes to pillow-plush mochi, we’re exploring some local eateries where you can get your matcha fix in the South Bay.

Someone holds a matcha soft serve in front of the Mochi-ya Ren sign.

This definitely floats our boat.

Photo via @mochiyaren

Don’t worry if you’re late to the matcha craze, we’ve got you covered.

Matcha tea has been sipped for centuries, and was made popular in Eastern Asia by Zen Buddhists. It rose to prominence as a staple in Japan and is now getting increasingly trendier in the US — both for its flavor + numerous health benefits.

So, we’ve rounded up four spots that offer its own unique spin on matcha powder.

🍵 Mochi-ya Ren | 675 Saratoga Ave.
This newly-opened spot took over Matcha Love in Mitsuwa Marketplace, and serves up fresh fruit mochi + matcha lattes, floats, and shakes. Get a taste of Japan by ordering the matcha soft serve + take some handmade mochi to go (with a traditional string for cutting, of course).

Three matcha drinks with matcha tea containers sitting on top of it.

Get your matcha fix.

Photo via @lisa_vs_food

🍵 Izumi Matcha | 3005 Silver Creek Rd., Ste. 142
Welcome to your matcha mecca. Izumi sources its matcha from Marukyu Koyamaen Japanese Tea — one of the oldest established tea manufacturers in Uji, Japan. With it, they’ve created matcha ice cream treats, fruit teas, milk lattes, and more. Pro tip: Purchase your own matcha powder and follow one of Izumi’s drink recipes on its website.

A Matcha Mille Crepe cake slice.

Let’s dig in.

Photo via @deliazsy

🍵 Anton SV Patisserie | 1969 O’Toole Wy.
Taste a fusion of French + Japanese flavors with this cafe’s specialty Matcha Mille Crepe Cake. The Gâteau Mille Crêpes-style cake is made with matcha imported from Japan and is composed of 20+ layers of crepe to create this creamy, fluffy delight.

Someone pours matcha syrup onto fluffy pancakes.

Now that’s alotta matcha.

🍵 Hanabusa Cafe | 201 S. Mary Ave., Sunnyvale
Everything’s better with a little matcha on it. You won’t regret trying these authentic Japanese souffle pancakes — smothered in a homemade matcha sauce + sprinkled with fresh fruit. Pro tip: Perfection takes time, so be prepared to wait 25+ minutes for your pancakes.

Know of another great matcha spot? Don’t be shy, let us know.

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