Stevens Creek County Park celebrates 100 years

The first + oldest park in Santa Clara County turned 100 years old this year, with its original opening date of January 24, 1924.

A wooden bridge among trees and shrubbery.

This is along the Tony Look Trail in Stevens Creek County Park.

We’ve got a centennial celebration in our midst.

The Stevens Creek County Park, the first + oldest in the Santa Clara County parks system, recently turned 100 — having opened to the public on January 24, 1924.

For $27,500, the county purchased 400 acres to create a park for residents to fish, swim, and hike. Fun fact: The park used to be managed by the county’s public works department, because it opened 32 years before the creation of the county’s Parks and Rec department.

The site also has remnants from the historic Villa Maria orchard — a farm, winery, and retreat that had 100 acres of walnut, olive, apple, apricot, and chestnut orchards.

Today, visitors can peruse 1,063 acres + enjoy activities like archery, disc golf, volleyball, and the most popular — birding.

Visit the historic park at 11401 Stevens Canyon Rd., Cupertino, everyday between 8 a.m. and sunset.

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