Newly approved San Jose housing projects for November

A slate of new housing projects have been approved by San Jose’s City Council.

The corner of East Santa Clara and North Fourth streets in downtown San Jose, featuring a Chevron gas station, and office and residential complexes in the background.

The gas station at the corner of North Fourth and East Santa Clara streets downtown may soon become housing.

Photo courtesy Google Maps

With fast-moving approvals, builder’s remedies, and changing plans, San Jose’s housing landscape could be changing dramatically to address the city’s housing shortfalls.

Here are a few of the housing projects on the horizon:

  • East Tasman + Baypointe drives | 100 affordable homes | Construction timeline pending | This would replace an older office and research building.
  • The Alameda, near SAP Center | 168 affordable homes | Funding secured, construction timeline pending | This would convert an already existing apartment complex into affordable housing.
  • Hillsdale + Newberry avenues | 160 affordable, multi-family units | Construction timeline pending | This development would replace an empty strip mall.
  • East Brokaw Road + Junction Avenue | 982 market-rate with 247 affordable units | Construction timeline pending | This would replace the old Fry’s Building that was initially slated for a tech campus.
  • East Santa Clara + North Fourth streets | 600+ market-rate units | Funding to be secured by 2024, with construction pending | Developer Urban Catalyst is pivoting from offices to housing at the current Chevron site.

We’ll keep you updated as these plans continue to develop.

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