San Jose State University plans to invest $334 million into new campus housing

There is a lot in the works at San Jose State University in downtown San Jose, CA.

The Campus Village Apartments on San Jose State University's campus from a ground-level perspective.

The Campus Village Buildings are the only residences with suites on SJSU’s campus — completed in 2005.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

As part of the California State University’s push to increase student housing, San Jose State University is currently planning on investing $334 million into two new dorm buildings — dubbed Campus Village 3, or CV3 — which will accommodate up to 1,000 beds.

Where will it go? By 2024, the school will demolish the Washburn Hall dorms and the Dining Commons building — located on East San Salvador and S. Eighth streets — to make way for CV3.

When will construction begin? Though this plan is still in its preliminary stages, the university’s goal is to have the buildings, a new dining hall, and a welcome center complete by summer 2027.

San Jose State is on a roll with new projects — this year, we can look forward to the opening of the Spartan Athletic Center in the summer and the Interdisciplinary Science Building this fall.