San Jose’s record-breaking Monopoly board game

How many times will you pass “GO?”

Monopoly in the Park

San Jose has been home to the mega Monopoly in the Park installment for over 20 years.

Photo via @g_sh0ts

If you’ve ever visited Discovery Meadow, you might have passed Monopoly in the Parkthe world’s largest Monopoly board sculpture.

The one-of-a-kind masterpiece was created for the 1992 San Francisco Garden & Landscape Show and was installed in San Jose in 2002. The board covers 930 sqft and sits just across from the Children’s Discovery Museum. Each property square is made from granite slabs — each weighing over 140 pounds.

Players can rent the giant tokens, props, and jumbo dice for a round with this life-sized play space. Think you can make it big in real estate? Roll the dice and find out. 🎲

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