These winter-seasonal coffee drinks in San Jose are snow joke

From piping hot chocolate drinks to scrumptious gingerbread lattes, these winter-seasonal coffees will keep you warm through the chilly December weather.

A latte in a tumbler glass on a wooden coaster on a wooden table, with a white foam head, and latte art in the shape of a flower and a heart. There are sprinkles of ground gingerbread over the top.

Snap into the holiday season with a delicious gingerbread latte.

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Winter in San Jose may not be as chilly as other places in the US, but the falling leaves and (occasional) rain are a fantastic excuse to try out some seriously delicious seasonal coffee drinks in the great 408.

Check out these five spots in San Jose that are brewing up some holiday magic.

AM Craft | 481 E. San Carlos St.

Like a warm hug on a cold day, the Gingerbread Latte adds a bit of spice to your morning. Try it with a chocolate hazelnut twice-baked croissant.

Coffee & Water Lab | 603 Saratoga Ave., Ste. 40

Oh, honey, the Honey Gingerbread Latte pairs fabulously with a good book or last-minute work project. See also, the delicious peppermint mocha.

Crema Coffee Roasting | 238 Race St.

Not just one drink, but 10. Crema has an entire menu of holiday magic to enjoy. From the Gingerbread Chai Latte to the Abominable Snowman Mocha, the full menu is like an early holiday gift. We recommend the Gingerbread Coquito.

Nirvana Soul | Various locations

Whether you’re making your way downtown or stopping by the spot in Cupertino, Nirvana Soul’s five unique seasonal drinks will lift your spirit and enrich your soul. We recommend the delicious Holiday Matcha paired with a buttery golden waffle.

Voyager Craft Coffee | Various locations

From the Bergen (gingerbread craft latte with orange zest, cinnamon + molasses) to the North Pole (peppermint mocha with melty chocolate and brown sugar syrup), it’s enough to make anyone feel holly jolly.

Have a favorite latte we missed? Let us know.

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