San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan pushes for home Major League Baseball team

An MLB team in the great 408? It may become a reality.

Bowl - 9-11-21

Excite Ballpark, formerly known as Municipal Stadium, opened its doors to fans in 1942. | Photo courtesy of San Jose Giants

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Mayor Matt Mahan has resurfaced the issue of bringing an MLB expansion team to the South Bay as recent news plays out about the A’s ditching Oakland for Las Vegas.

Why can’t we?

The San Francisco Giants have held territory rights since 1990 when the Athletics franchise gave them Santa Clara County rights — thinking the Giants would move to the South Bay.

That obviously didn’t happen, and since then, five of San Jose’s past mayors have made the effort to convince MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred to ditch the territorial rights.

Among Mayor Mahan’s reasons for why an expansion team would work here, he pointed out that:

  • San Jose is the most populous Bay Area city.
  • There are plenty of financial opportunities with our high concentration of Silicon Valley companies.
  • San Jose’s crime rate is much lower than in Oakland and San Francisco, making for a safer experience for fans.

So, what do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

💬 Here’s what some of you said...

“MLB dropped the ball! San Jose should have been the new home of the A’s!! There was a perfect HUGE plot of land, just north of the Arena (behind the Target) that went to waste! This would have definitely revitalized our downtown, brought more money to the local businesses and it would be close to all transportation options.

The Giants DO NOT OWN SAN JOSE! That slick move by the owners was WRONG WRONG WRONG! They know we hate the drive up to SF, the crime, the cold, the parking, etc. They just want our money because the locals in and around SF don’t go to the games.

A Major League Baseball team should be within our grasp. And what is all that baloney that the Commissioner can’t think about that now, because he’s trying to move the A’s to Vegas is just bs!” - Celia K.

“Only the wealthiest and biggest investors benefit from these heavily-subsidized boondoggles. Proponents always claim ‘there will be jobs!’ Yeah, temp gigs. The Leagues already have people for the best-paying jobs. Inevitably, taxpayers who never attend a game will be on the hook for a hugely expensive arena, and pay to have traffic messed up on a regular basis. We already have the Sharks and the Quakes and our lovely local baseball team and the 49ers right next door. I’d rather see the same money spent promoting San Joseans PLAYING sports, not watching them.” - Lita K.

“I have been a San Jose resident for 50 years and a San Francisco Giants fan for as long as I can remember. I remember listening to the Giants games when I was little with my grandfather who was a lifelong Giants fan. I personally think it would be great if the A’s or an expansion team moved to San Jose. This would not ever change my support of the San Francisco Giants. I will be a forever Giants fan and I think that those who are Giants fans will never waver.” - Lynne C.

⚾ An update

It looks like a no-go, at least for now. Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner Rob Manfred responded to Mayor Matt Mahan’s request by saying that the MLB’s focus is currently on the Oakland A’s move to Las Vegas.

At the time, Manfred will not take action to ditch the territorial rights held by the SF Giants — but Mayor Mahan + the past four San Jose mayors will continue to push for MLB recognition in the near future.

“It’s not primarily about an expansion team, but about correcting an injustice that occurred,” said former Mayor Tom McEnery.

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