7 tours in San Jose, CA

Experience San Jose like a local — and have a blast while doing it.

A group of people sit and pedal on a large motorized bike car — heading towards San Pedro Square Market.

Did you even visit San Jose if you didn’t hop on the Brew Bike?

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Do you like playing tour guide in your own town? Great — stick around until the end of this piece to share your expertise.

If you’d rather leave the fun fact-sharing and finger-pointing to the pros, we’ve got you covered with five tours around San Jose. This list is great for new residents, visiting friends, or longtime locals who want to dive deep into the great 408.

Go in style

  • San Jose Brew Bike | $50 | 2 hours | The perfect way to drink up San Jose’s nightlife. 🍺
  • Silicon Segway | $90 | 2 hours | Roll through Downtown’s history + tech culture, and Guadalupe River’s wildlife.
An outdoor statue depicting two Black men on an Olympic winner's podium with fists raised in a Black Power salute.

Take a walking tour to discover the local connections to this historic protest at the 1968 Olympics.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

For the history buff

For the adventurer

  • Operation City Quest | $20+ | 2 hours | Find clues to solve riddles in this scavenger hunt around town.
  • Mount Hamilton Walking Tour | Free | Time varies | Reach for the stars in this tour around Lick Observatory + get rewarded with some of the best views in the valley. ⛰️

Did you know that 62% of our readers have lived in San Jose for 20+ years? You probably know SJ as well as — or better than — we do. So, tell us how you play tour guide.

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