Don’t board an airplane without this item

We’ve got a travel hack to make long flights more bearable — meet the Airfly wireless audio transmitter.

A small white AirFly device next to a passport, headphones, ear buds, and a plane ticket.

Goodbye, cheap airline headphones; hello, incredible sound quality.

Photo by 6AM City

Picture the place in your house where you store you suitcases. Is there room for a two-by-two inch item weighing 15 grams? If yes, we recommend you buy this item immediately — vacation you of the future will thank you.

Meet the AirFly wireless audio transmitter, AKA your ticket to watching — and actually enjoying — the in-flight movie entertainment on your next trip.

AirFly eliminates the need for wired headphones by plugging into a headphone jack then connecting via Bluetooth to your earbuds or wireless headphones. We repeat: You will never need wired headphones again if you have an AirFly.

Reviewers have mentioned the notable improvement in sound quality that the AirFly helps produce — not to mention, you won’t have to humble yourself before your travel companions and ask for a spare pair of wired headphones (or use the cheap ones the airline passes out).

Bonus: Upgrade to the AirFly Duo to share audio between two pairs of headphones, or get the AirFly Pro for all that plus even more battery life and audio options.

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