The original site of Vallco mall will be converted into mixed-use retail and residential space.
Here’s a brief update on the history + fates of three long-abandoned San Jose movie theaters.
From the tallest residential apartment building in San Jose to the Bill Walsh Legacy Game, we’re taking San Jo back to the ‘00s.
Local author and artist Ricardo Cortez talks Lowriding culture, history + community, and gives tips on which restaurant has the best orange sauce.
Fry’s Electronics, the quirky, now-defunct big-box retailer finds new life in the hearts and memories of SJtoday readers + followers.
In the Edenvale neighborhood of south San Jose, many streets have unique names — and these seven streets are named after truly impressive thoroughbreds.
From a toy store kingpin to the world’s first video game consoles, the Chuck E. Cheese off Tully Road has had a wild run in San Jose’s history.
Tech superstore Fry’s Electronics was a San Jose staple for decades. After their collapse in 2021, their iconic buildings in the South Bay face an uncertain fate.
Check out our guide to the many meaningful murals you can find around our city.
Let’s visit another common architectural style in San Jose — the Craftsman home, popularized in the early 20th century.
A new report indicates San Jose’s Supermicro will be breathing new life into an old Fry’s Electronics location on East Brokaw Rd.
Let’s talk about this local legend who brought not just the highly popular Gordon Biersch Brewery to San Jose, but even more internationally loved beer.
We’re turning back the clock to the 1990s in the great 408.
The California Manufacturers & Technology Association needs your help.
We asked AI bot Chat GPT who belongs on Mount Rushmore to see if it aligns with what our readers think.
Explore the district “where history meets art” that boasts a 200-year history within the great 408.
Explore the homes that popped up in San Jose, CA during the 20th century Revival Period.
We’re traveling all the way back to the 1910s in San Jose, CA where everything from the Great Flood to the incorporation of East San Jose took place.
Did you know that The Ritz in downtown San Jose’s SoFA District was once an X-rated theater? And also an alternative music dance club with “secret gay nights?”
San Jose has an incredibly rich history that is showcased in museums throughout the area. From History Park to the Computer History Museum, pay a visit to these various spots to learn all there is to know about the great 408.
Celebrate the famous Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA, as it celebrates 100 years since opening its doors to tours on June 30, 1923.
We break down the significance of San Jose, CA’s historic resource surveys and its overall contribution to historic preservation in the great 408.
Most of us probably don’t have our state flags memorized, but it’s worth studying up: Our flag’s design reflects centuries of history.
We’re turning back time and peering into the great 408 during the 1950s.
Let’s take a look at some of the oldest established restaurants, stores, and more in San Jose, CA
Plans are floating around San Jose City Council about reimagining Plaza de Cesar Chavez and incorporating the “Breeze of Innovation” sculpture within it.
From the Sharks to the Quakes, we’re sharing all details of San Jose’s sports teams.
Learn the story behind San Jose, CA’s Frontier Village, a Western-themed amusement park that attracted visitors to the great 408 from around the country.
Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Print Shop’s debut with History San José and the San Jose Printers’ Guild on April 29, 2023.
The legendary judo coach will celebrate his 103rd birthday on Saturday, April 1, and we’re providing you a brief look at this centenarian’s life and legacy in San Jose, CA.
Good news for San Jose.
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