How did San Jose become California’s state capital, and why isn’t our city it anymore?
Let’s walk through the front doors of another grand South Bay mansion.
Did you know that “Camden” is an acronym?
See Michelangelo’s art up-close and life-sized at the Oakridge Mall in San Jose, CA.
Let’s go back in time to the era of bell-bottoms and disco in the great 408.
We took to the streets of San Jose to embark on local author Cassie Kifer’s “San Jose Scavenger” hunt.
Let’s take a look at one of San Jose’s eight sister city relationships with Pune, India.
We’re going back in time to learn more about this iconic San Jose landmark.
We’re bringing you some fun facts about San Jose and its history. If you’re a trivia master (or local enthusiast), give these a try.
What are the origins of this San Jose street name?
Learn about one of San Jose’s many communities of the past — that bears an interesting name.
What are the origins of this San Jose district’s name?
We’re delving into our local history in San Jose, CA during the roaring 1920s.
Let’s explore San Jose CA’s history in the 1960s.
Experience San Jose like a local — and have a blast while doing it.
We’re taking you on a tour of one of San Jose’s oldest buildings, which dates back to the 1860s.
Explore what makes these Victorian Era buildings unique.
These local signs have stood the test of time.
This longtime San Josean shares her process of collecting local ghost stories, the coolest person she’s met in San Jose, and more.
From local eateries to historic homes, discover this beloved San Jose, CA neighborhood.
What’s in a name? Learn how San Jose’s various names have evolved across the centuries.
Let’s explore the history of this iconic Dionne Warwick song (and its covers).
Explore the ghoulish stories that San Joseans have shared for decades.
Learn about the minor planet that pays homage to San Jose, CA.
Most people know the legends around Sarah Winchester, but now is your chance to learn more about this real historical figure from San Jose, CA.
These historic SJ sites are currently in the process of modernization + reimagination.
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