8 unique cafes in San Jose, CA

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Explore some of the cutest + most unique cafes in San Jose, CA. | Photo via @lifebyvivien

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San Joseans are kind of obsessed with good food + drinks, can we agree? So it’s no surprise that our city is filled with some pretty cute cafes to get your caffeine on. ☕

Grab your laptop, your closest friends, and a fully charged phone to snap pics of Instagram-worthy latte artor whatever else you like to bring on a cafe outing — because we’ve got you covered with 8 cute + unique cafes.

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You can taste the rainbow at Voyager Craft Coffee + get custom latte art designs at Con Azúcar. | Photos via @californiacalories and @conazucarcafe

🎨 Best latte art

When you’re looking for a memorable drink, look no further than the colorful + creative lattes at Voyager Craft Coffee and Con Azúcar Café. Voyager allows guests to add a splash of color to any hot latte on their menu — just ask for “rainbow” with your order. Meanwhile, Con Azúcar is able to create custom latte art of Bad Bunny, Minnie Mouse + customers’ family members.

🌛 Best late-night spots

For all you night owls looking for a jolt of caffeine, we’ve got you covered. Coffee Lovers offers top-notch Vietnamese coffee + jasmine milk tea until 12 a.m. every night. (If you’re peckish, do try their grilled sandwiches + BBQ pork.) Big Mug Coffee Roasters offers high quality in-house beans and several strong cold brews until 11 p.m. most nights.

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Think pink at Nirvana Soul and K Cafe. | Photos via @nirvanasoulcoffee and @lifebyvivien

👀 Cutest look

These local cafes are popular — not just for their beverages and food — but for their bright pink decor. Enjoy a scrumptious brunch or high tea at the K Cafe, surrounded by draping flowers + glittering chandeliers. At Nirvana Soul, sip on specialty lattes while enjoying their art gallery + live events.

🥐 Best food

Hungry for more? Satisfy your appetite with homemade gelato alongside your espresso at Dolce Sicilia, or fresh cinnamon rolls + cookies at Spectra Coffee.

Did we miss one of your favorite San Jose cafes? Let us know.

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