Unique fitness classes in San Jose, CA

Whether you want to start working out, or shake up your normal fitness routine — we’re introducing five unique fitness classes to try out in San Jose, CA.

Several people pose in a side plank next to boxing equipment.

Enjoy fitness in a fun setting at YBX Fitness.

Photo via @ybxfitness

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Did you know that San Jose recently ranked No. 20 of 100 fittest cities in the US?

Our city boasts plenty of hiking trails, expansive parks, and pretty cool gyms + fitness centers.

So today, let’s shake up our normal routine and explore these five unique fitness experiences in and around San Jose.

💪 For the party people

YBX Fitness, 452 S. First St.
Get ready for a literal workout party. This gym puts you in a nightclub atmosphere (think: flashing lights, loud music, and ambiance smoke) to get your body moving through its boxing, HIIT, yoga, and weightlifting classes. Sign up for two initial free classes.

💪 For the dancers

Revel Room Studios, 1825 Houret Ct., Milpitas
Channel your inner Cirque de Soleil at this studio that trains you to be versatile in lyra, silks, straps, and pole choreography. Unsure about starting? Begin with its flexibility class starting at $25, to better prepare you for its other classes starting at $35.

A screen recording of an Instagram post of someone doing martial arts moves at the Loopkicks gym.

Improve your strength + flexibility at a Loopkicks training session.

💪 For the action lovers

Loopkicks Tricking, 2790 El Camino Real, Santa Clara
Try “tricking” — an extreme sport that combines martial arts, gymnastics, and breakdancing. Learn how to kick, flip, and twist to improve your strength + awareness. It offers a free introduction class, as well as several packages to continue your tricking journey.

💪 For the ‘American Ninja Warrior’ types

Sessions Gym, 2147 S. 10th St.
As San Jose’s first parkour + freerunning gym, expect lessons from certified instructors on how to run, jump, and climb through obstacle courses. It also offers flipping + breakdancing courses. Consider trying it out with its one-hour, $30 intro course.

💪 For the natural-born fish

The Timpany Center, 730 Empey Way
This center was made in partnership with SJSU’s Research Foundation, and serves a therapeutic recreation center — with specialized aquatic classes like Ai Chi, deep water aerobics, aqua arthritis + joints, and more. You can drop in to a session for $30 or purchase a membership for $60.

Do you have any recommendations for a local fitness class? Let us know.

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