The zodiac signs as San Jose coffee shops


Fuel up in Nirvana Soul’s lively cafe. | Photo via @myhunyboba

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In San Jose, there’s something for everyone. Our city offers so many places for you to find your niche, whether it be in the arts, foodie, or sports scene — but sometimes it’s tricky to pick a spot. So today, we’re looking to the stars for guidance… 💫

Here’s our brew of San Jose coffee shops based on your zodiac sign. ☕

Aries: Nirvana Soul | March 21-April 19

With a bold + ambitious character, you’ll likely find yourself at home in Nirvana Soul. Its founders have your go-getter personality, reflected in the cafe’s vibrancy and spunk.

Taurus: Living Room Coffee Craft | April 20-May 20

This cafe will soothe your serene, bucolic nature as it invites you to relax and recharge. Enjoy the comfortable + cozy space with its warm, signature pastry — The Everything Cheese Waffle.

Gemini: K-Cafe Patisserie & Tea House | May 21-June 19

Your playful + adorably energetic personality will fit right in at this eclectic, stylish cafe. Its flower ceilings, chandeliers, and bright pink + lilac decor are as showstopping as you are.

Rainbow lattes

Enjoy Voyager’s fun rainbow lattes. | Photo via @kobusxyhana

Cancer: Voyager Craft Coffee | June 22-July 22

Built around a love for travel, Voyager goes the distance — just like your imaginative + curious soul. With rainbow lattes + fun takes on seasonal beverages and snacks, this cafe cannot be limited, just like you.

Leo: Con Azucar | July 23-August 22

Your charming character demands the spotlight like this rising star in San Jose’s coffee scene. Take the center stage with the selfie-chino, a drink starring… you.

Virgo: Chromatic Coffee Co. | August 23-September 22

Chromatic’s dedication to the science of brewing is sure to resonate with your passion for logic + processes. This cafe even shares its different brewing techniques with customers.


Bask in the sun on the Roy’s Station patio. | Photo by SJtoday staff

Libra: Roy’s Coffee Station | September 23-October 22

Perfectly balanced between preserving its historic roots + adapting to the changing scene in Japantown, Roy’s finds an equilibrium that sits easy with your peaceful nature, just like how you’d find yourself on its sunny patio.

Scorpio: Voltaire | October 23-November 21

This cafe was named after the French philosopher + writer who was also a Scorpio. Its dark + moody interior reflects your mysterious personality, while also serving up bold flavors with the passion that you emulate in your own life.

Sagittarius: MoonBean’s Coffee Roasting Co. | November 22-December 21

You, like MoonBean, are humorous, creative, and loyal. You’ll find all of these traits at this cafe which includes its quirky coffee + sandwich names like the popular Major Tom white chocolate latte or the Joe Montana breakfast sandwich that make newbies into loyal regulars.


The creative latte art at Hannah Coffee is IG-worthy. | Photo via Mandy Healy @makemovesmandy

Capricorn: Hannah Coffee | December 22-January 19

See your dedicated + hardworking spirit reflected in this coffee shop, born from decades of dreams and experience. Enjoy the spoils of that work with the shop’s impressive offerings of baked goods and brews.

Aquarius: Circle-A Skateboards and Coffee | January 20-February 18

Innovative + eccentric are words that describe both you and Circle-A. This cafe offers a unique perspective on the average coffee shop, surrounding you with vibrant skate decks in an aquarium-like glass store.

Pisces: Coffee & Water Lab | February 19-March 20

Water is your natural home, and it doesn’t get wetter than this spot. Knowing that coffee + tea is 98% water, Coffee & Water Lab pays specific attention to creating ionized, alkalized, and hydrogen-rich water to craft its brews.

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