Answered: What our readers think of the downtown BART extension

Phase II of the BART extension would connect the Berryessa Station to downtown, looping through neighborhoods, and end service in Santa Clara.

An overhead map of the BART extension project, showing the Berryessa/North San Jose Station, connected with a line to 28th Street/Little Portugal Station, which is connected by a line to Downtown San Jose Station, which connects to Diridon Station, which connects to Santa Clara Station.

Phase II of the BART extension is still in the planning phase.

Photo courtesy VTA

Phase II of the BART expansion into downtown San Jose has been off to a rocky start, with delays + ever-increasing costs. As we wait for more information on the next hurdle the project will face, we asked our readers for their opinion.

Here are the results:

In blue, the text says "...what do you think?" — what follows is a graphical breakdown of percentages, "I'm worried it will be delayed again, 54%," "I'm hopeful it will happen on time, 16%," "I'm not sure what to think, 5%."

The results were heavily in the “worried” camp.

Graphic by SJtoday staff

54% were worried it will be delayed again, 16% were hopeful it will be completed on time (this time), and 5% were unsure. 25% shared their opinions, and they ranged from hopeful to skeptical. Here’s what you said:

  • “If tunneling is so high, why not do an aerial ride down Santa Clara Street. I have voted for all tax increases, but not for new money for BART.”
  • “Definitely need Bart to SJ/Santa Clara, but it should just be above ground.”
  • “It’s necessary, but more bureaucracy.”
  • “I think they should not do it and buy buses.”
  • “I hope that it’s done in my lifetime.”

What do you think about the project? Let us know.