Answered: San Jose’s favorite breakfast burritos

We asked, and you answered — here are some of our readers’ favorite spots to get breakfast burritos in San Jose.

Side-by-side comparison of two breakfast burritos: one bisected and showing off a smorgasboard of cheese, meat, eggs, and dripping sauce, and the other jam-packed with chorizo, salsa, and hash browns.

Not all breakfast burritos are made the same, but all are mouth-wateringly delicious.

Photos courtesy Canva

After featuring a few local breakfast burrito spots, we asked for your suggestions. So, grab another handful and nosh on these breakfast recommendations from our readers.

  • Taqueria El Abuelo in Willow Glen, specifically the chorizo burrito with orange sauce. Recommended by @bebesperez, @cs.haller, @demboyz408, and @polish_joe: “And they run those breakfast burritos all day like #yeet.”
  • Chavez Market on Monterey Road, including that scrumtious-looking al pastor breakfast burrito. Recommended by Lita K: “Excellent burritos expertly made. Huge and costs $15 or so.”
Someone holds a burrito that has been eaten, infront of a Cafe Rosalena sign.

Word on the street is that Cafe Rosalena’s orange sauce has got it goin’ on.

Photo via @ian87giroir

  • Chispiros Burritos Y Tacos, with some pointing out the cost-effective pricing. Recommended by @qi.time.acupuncture, @slmatthew, and @wakebros_ruben: “That’s my new favorite! Have to go at least once a week. Can’t beat that price either.”
  • Orange Bowl in Campbell. Our mouths are definitely watering over that breakfast burrito: potatoes, eggs, cheese, with meats + a side of salsa packed into a 10-inch tortilla. While not technically in San Jose, it’s still SJ-adjacent — so we’ll allow it. Recommended by Desiree A.
  • iJava Cafe in Delmas + Willow Glen. We love to see businesses supporting other businesses — Hop & Vine gave some love to their favorite spot: “Best breakfast burritos in San Jose. The fully loaded is fire.”

Know another local breakfast burrito spot that should be listed? Let us know.

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