Answered: Life hacks from San Joseans

We asked you to suggest your most helpful tip to navigating the great 408 — here are a few examples from locals.

A reflection of Plaza de Cesar Chavez from a wet ground.

Everyone has their one life hack to navigating San Jose.

Photo via @steezc

Last month, we asked you to share a San Jose “life hack” you know — and of course, y’all delivered. Here are a few pro tips from our readers + social media followers:

“Find the places less traveled so you can get away from the business and enjoy the beauty of SJ without the noise and nonsense. So much beauty in San Jose if you know where to find it.” - @bennys_journey

@newmuseumlosgatos is free the first Sunday of every month!” - @theqcorner

“Visit the many parks and open space. You’ll get a whole new perspective on San Jose when you walk, hike or bike it. It’s really beautiful!” - @debbiegililland

“My life hack is all those little lending libraries in front of people’s homes. LOVE them!” - @kathleena.hanes

A bridge leading to a trail at the Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve.

Hike the expansive trails of Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve.

Photo via @jausel

“Literally drive in any direction and you’ll eventually see signs for state and county trails/parks. No two are the same and they’re all gorgeous.” - @crossingtheratterlin

“Some of the best food places are inside of a liquor store!” - @oh_hey_dre_

“Move 30 minutes south for a home the price of your apartment.” - @408djm

“If eating out is too expensive, go to Super Taqueria. Two tacos will fill you up for $6 and some change.” - @andypaul

“There’s a bike party happening every third Friday evening.” - @kydanoob

A woman looks at a local vendor's table displaying various leather goods.

Moment SJ often hosts Sidewalk Shop pop-ups.

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“Shop small and local. Support the amazing artists and musicians that were born and raised here.” - @__pardib

“Visit our vintage market every 2nd and 4th weekend a month. Garden at the Flea inside San Jose’s flea market. Also the flea market isn’t closed.” - @popupsj

“Take Monterey Road instead of 101 during weekend traffic.” - @eight3leven

“[Get] gas at Moes.” - @kh.rhee

“Park for free behind Crema coffee shop in the Rose Garden area. Great coffee shop, and amazing restaurants all around this part of town.” - @cali_proud13