Restored Pellier Park opens in downtown San Jose

The restored + historic Pellier Park is officially open and tells the story of a French immigrant who helped make Santa Clara Valley the “Valley of Heart’s Delight.”

The courtyard of Pellier Park.

The park sits on the corner of West St. James + Terraine streets.

Photo by SJtoday staff

After many delays, the restoration of Pellier Park in downtown San Jose is complete.

Located on the corner of West St. James + Terraine streets, this park may look ordinary, but has major historic roots.

Its namesake honors French immigrant Louis Pellier who came to California during the Gold Rush + introduced the French d’Argen prune to Santa Clara Valley. It eventually became the main agricultural export for the Valley of Heart’s Delight.

In 1977, Leonard McKay + Jim Arbuckle worked to open a half-acre park to memorialize Pellier. It had 21 prune trees + sat on the site of the original Pellier nursery. The park was also dedicated on Nov. 29, 1977, for San Jose’s 200th birthday.

The newly restored space still contains prune trees and original bricks + plaques from the old park. You’ll also be able to read about the history behind the Pellier family through art installations around the park.