Google says its downtown San Jose development will proceed

A brief history on Google’s Downtown West Project, and a rundown on the latest update.

The skyline of the city of San Jose taken from over the east hills.

Google said its Bay Area projects will proceed, despite the recent termination of its partnership with Lendlease.

Photo via @indepthimage

Picture this: A neighborhood in downtown San Jose with a huge emphasis on public transit.

It could become reality. That neighborhood is one of four Bay Area development projects presented by Google that have been in talks for multiple years now.

Most recently, The Mercury News reported that the partnership between Google and its real estate partner Lendlease was terminated — but, according to Google, all of the projects will still proceed.

Fuzzy on the project history? Let’s break it down:

... And that brings us to now. Despite the partnership’s end, Google maintains that it is committed to the Bay Area projects, and Mayor Mahan stated that the news doesn’t mean the Downtown West Project won’t go uncompleted.

In the meantime, we’ll keep our ears to the ground + keep you updated on future updates.

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