We’re taking a look at the significant projects + plans within the city of San Jose’s 2023-2024 budget — approved in June 2023.
In June 2023, San Jose City Council approved four projects that would shelter ~1,000 more San Joseans as part of Mayor Matt Mahan’s goal to build more interim housing sites.
We asked what your thoughts were on San Pedro Street’s revamp into a pedestrian-friendly, open-mall layout and here’s what you had to say.
After a year-long trial, the plan to make the area 100% walkable is making big strides.
Read into the 13 projects that had updates, announcements, or new details from April to May 2023 in San Jose, CA
A project that has been over 20 years in the making is now coming to fruition — let’s dive in to the details behind Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority’s (VTA) Eastridge Transit Center light rail extension project in San Jose, CA.
Plans are floating around San Jose City Council about reimagining Plaza de Cesar Chavez and incorporating the “Breeze of Innovation” sculpture within it.
Here are the details on the progress of the City of San Jose and Glydways’ collaborative Diridon-airport connector project.
Become a development terminology expert faster than you can say “special use permit for a mixed-use zone.”
The former Enoteca La Storia in Little Italy, San Jose, CA has been transformed into an Italian cuisine food hall.
Founded 15 years ago in San Francisco, the Bay Area ice creamery opens its newest location in San Jose, CA.
Google may be reassessing its construction timeline, following an announcement mid-February 2023.
At the end of November 2022, San Jose City Council gave the green light to replace the historic, 1960s-era restaurant with a luxury high rise tower.
We’re delving into our local history in San Jose, CA during the roaring 1920s.
Let’s explore San Jose CA’s history in the 1960s.
Signs signaling reduced speed limits have been implemented around San Jose, CA as of recent.
These local signs have stood the test of time.
Good news for San Jose.
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