From mixed-use spaces to affordable units for students and teachers, we’re rounding up new developments coming soon to the great 408.
A brief history on Google’s Downtown West Project, and a rundown on the latest update.
The project’s second phase would extend BART from Berryessa into downtown San Jose, ending service in Santa Clara.
The SF-originated mini-putt establishment has moved operations to the great 408.
Even if it isn’t raining, these roadways continue to spray water onto frustrated motorists.
We’re breaking down three major transit projects in San Jose + California as a whole.
New year, new you, new housing coming soon. Builders and designers are hard at work to bring these developments to San Jose in 2024.
The lights are on and someone is home at this nostalgic spot, but opening details remain sparse.
Original plans for the Bank of Italy Tower in downtown San Jose have switched from small office renovation to housing.
Urban Putt’s unique spin on minigolf will feature San Jose-specific sculptures, courses, and an event space.
The developments will be funded primarily through Santa Clara County’s Measure A, and will create more affordable units.
The original site of Vallco mall will be converted into mixed-use retail and residential space.
Here’s a brief update on the history + fates of three long-abandoned San Jose movie theaters.
The project will involve planting new trees, spreading decorative chip, and installing new sensors.
From proper punny names to the downright bizarre, VTA’s tunnel boring machine is connecting more than just BART to Santa Clara.
Tell us which empty building could be used differently.
Fry’s Electronics, the quirky, now-defunct big-box retailer finds new life in the hearts and memories of SJtoday readers + followers.
A slate of new housing projects have been approved by San Jose’s City Council.
Tech superstore Fry’s Electronics was a San Jose staple for decades. After their collapse in 2021, their iconic buildings in the South Bay face an uncertain fate.
SJtoday readers + followers weighed in on the city’s plans of turning the San Jose’s historic flea market, or “La Pulga,” into a mixed-use urban center.
New 2023 proposals suggest that the flea market could become housing instead of office space, as originally planned in 2021.
New research, developments, and data indicate San Jose’s downtown isn’t in a “doom spiral” — it’s on the upswing.
The restored + historic Pellier Park is officially open and tells the story of a French immigrant who helped make Santa Clara Valley the “Valley of Heart’s Delight.”
San Jose has approved several new housing initiatives over the course of the past few months, including affordable, residential, and commercial.
San Jose city council unanimously approved the sale of the Signia by Hilton hotel to San Jose State University for student housing.
A new report indicates San Jose’s Supermicro will be breathing new life into an old Fry’s Electronics location on East Brokaw Rd.
See what the Valley Transportation Authority is up to on the progress of its future light rail stations at Eastridge and Story Road.
We’re taking a look at the significant projects + plans within the city of San Jose’s 2023-2024 budget — approved in June 2023.
In June 2023, San Jose City Council approved four projects that would shelter ~1,000 more San Joseans as part of Mayor Matt Mahan’s goal to build more interim housing sites.
We asked what your thoughts were on San Pedro Street’s revamp into a pedestrian-friendly, open-mall layout and here’s what you had to say.
Good news for San Jose.
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