Urban Putt to open in San Jose

The SF-originated mini-putt establishment has moved operations to the great 408.

A metal sign in the shape of a gear with the words “Urban Putt” sits on the ground.

Get ready to putt in a mini, San Jose.

Photo by SJtoday staff

Get ready to putt your stuff.

Urban Putt, a boozy mini-golf spot that originated in San Francisco, is coming to downtown San Jose — and it’s not your average putt place.

Owner Steve Fox gave SJtoday a first look at the cogs behind the establishment, and what we can all look forward to come its opening date, Thursday, Feb. 29.

Like its former SF location, Urban Putt pays homage to the iconic landmarks around its “urban” core.

Putt through the Winchester Mystery House and mysteriously lose your ball to trap doors, then head around the corner to see your golf ball travel up the mountain to a small replica of James Lick Observatory.

Along with themed courses, the establishment also features large dining/gathering spaces, two full bars, and an upstairs balcony overlooking the holes — which could also double as a private event space.

Get ready to get into the swing of things at 201 S. Second St., February 29 at 4 p.m.

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