Tech company to lease former Frys Electronics store for storage

A new report indicates San Jose’s Supermicro will be breathing new life into an old Fry’s Electronics location on East Brokaw Rd.

The front of a beige Fry's Electronics store in the evening, with store logo in red, and lights illuminating the side of the building.

Fry’s Electronics on Hamilton in Campbell

Supermicro, a San Jose-based tech company, is leasing nearly 124,000 sqft of a former Fry’s Electronics building in San Jose for storage space.

This is the first activity the building has seen in some time. After Fry’s closed in 2021, the current owners made plans earlier this year to demolish the entire 293,906 sqft complex and construct several office towers in its place.

Supermicro did not disclose the cost or length of the lease, so it appears the timeline for deconstruction is on hold.

For San Joseans, it must be a bizarre feeling to see the Mayan-themed Fry’s building being used for storage space.

Editor Gregg distinctly remembers getting lost among towering aisles of loose appliances, cables, and high-tech devices. Hidden speakers used to pipe in the sounds of wind and rain with subtle squawks and trills of tropical birds. Wild, right?

Whenever the destruction and re-construction of the complex resumes, perhaps the new owners will retain some of the quirk and charm of the original Fry’s Electronics.

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