What’s next for Vallco Fashion Park?

The original site of Vallco mall will be converted into mixed-use retail and residential space.

An artist's rendering of "The Rise" project, featuring multi-story mixed-use residential and restaurant building and hundreds of people milling around in a public square, with a band performing on a stage.

Sand Hill Property Company’s rendering of “The Rise” Cupertino, which will be constructed in the space.

Photo courtesy @therisecalifornia

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The site where Vallco Fashion Park used to sit may soon see new life as a mixed-use space, though not nearly at the same scope the developers were originally intending.

Sand Hill Property Company, the developer who owns the space, announced it is scaling back original plans for the 50-acre space due to rising costs, inflation + construction delays.

Let’s see where the project, dubbed “The Rise,” is at now.

The interior of the Vallco Fashion Park mall in the 1990s, complete with escalator, greenery, and people milling around the open, indoor space.

Vallco Fashion Park in its hayday circa 1990.

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.


Sand Hill Property Company finished their purchase of the remaining Vallco retail space in 2014, and the mall officially closed its doors in 2018 — following the exodus of the remaining tenants. Plans for the space solidified as “The Rise” in March of 2022.

Originally, one of the project’s signature features included a rooftop park, but has now changed to become a seven acre, street-level public park.

Retail space will be decreasing ~50% as well — from 429,000 sqft to 230,000 sqft — and will prioritize smaller retailers and restaurants.

Other changes to the plan involve the residential side of the mixed-use space. Instead of seven 240-ft residential towers, the new plan calls for three shorter towers along with 85-ft or shorter homes.

While the overall number of homes will increase by 10% (up to 2,669 total units), the number of those that will be affordable will be scaled back from ~1,200 to 890 units.

Artist's rendering of a mixed-use residential/retail space at the site of Vallco, including a multi-story building, and a packed bottom floor retail space.

New plans for The Rise in Cupertino will scale back the original plans for retail space.

Photo courtesy @therisecalifornia

What’s next?

Cupertino City Council still needs to approve the new plans, and will take the next ~60 days to review, per state law.

Sand Hill says they still need to prepare the site for construction, which could begin in 2024. The full project will break ground in 2025.

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