Our readers’ San Jose love stories

Romance is alive and well in San Jose. From hotel meet cutes to coffee dates, here are your local love stories.

A skyline overlooking downtown San Jose, with light blue map markers dotted with dark blue hearts.

Putting your love on the map.

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For Valentine’s Day 2024, we’ve created a map of local places where our readers have made memories. We asked for your help compiling everything from proposals to making friends, to finding love. You did not disappoint.

Explore these local love stories by clicking on the hearts, but here’s a few that we just had to share:

  • “I was hosting the Brit’s weekly trivia game, she was waiting tables while laughing at my awful jokes. One night after trivia, a mutual friend had us stay after the game for drinks and the gorgeous waitress called herself with my phone. Fast forward and we’ve now been married for almost 9 years and own a local trivia business that still does the Brit’s weekly trivia nights!” — Anonymous
  • “We met in 2011 at Sinatra Night at the Hedley Club in the Hotel DeAnza. I was there because I thought a guy I had a crush on was going to be there. Spoiler alert — he never showed, but I ended up behind a super cute guy in line for drinks. He spent the rest of the evening chatting with my sister and I at our table, making us laugh, and at the end of the night my sister grabbed his phone and exchanged info. We didn’t go on our first date until March, but twelve years later it still feels worth the wait.” — Laura S.
City Editor Alyson and her partner break stuff in the rage room.

If you are looking for date night ideas, we got you covered.

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  • “Back in 2019, I was in my senior year of Design school. A first year walked in and sat right next to me. Since I was involved with the clubs at the time, he had recognized me as a familiar face. Once he sat down next to me, he started to ask me about myself and I reciprocated. I found out we had a lot in common, like our age and him having family in my hometown. As fate would have it we ran into each other in Japantown. I think once I hugged him he started to see me as not just some upperclassmen he respected but also a girl he liked. After many Instagram DMs and some dates, we ended up getting together and we are a happy couple now.” — Anonymous
  • “My girlfriend and I met here for the first time briefly during our sophomore year of college. Two years later, we found eachother again + started dating in 2020.” — Anonymous
  • “After three attempts to meet up, we finally met for coffee and totally bonded over anime and video games.” — Anonymous

Now we’re really feeling the love.

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